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1. a person with a high degree of confidence. :D

2. a.k.a. mr. congeniality

whenever you are with him,you never have to worry about getting lost in a far-away place ! he can actually pop a conversation with almost all kinds of people. i guess everybody knows him!

3. means FAST, swift, agile, exhilirating
maybe because he's too skinny. ahaha:D you will be surprised with how fast he moves. his swift motions are crazy!

4. undoubtedly kind and sweet.
he makes everyone feel good and he treats everyone nicely.

5. eats absolutely more than an average teenager could ever digest. surprisingly, he never gains a pound!

6. he is simply funny and fun to be with. you will never be bored whenever you are with a 'timothy'.
just beware because at times, he can be a very very weird geek. haha.

7. smart and charismatic.
he has the traits of a great entrepreneur in the future. "timothy" will be surely rich!

girl1: hey, do you know timothy?
girl2: yeah! who on earth doesn't know him?

miss tease. .Ü tarafından 5 Mart 2009, Perşembe
The sweetest, most caring guy you'll ever meet. Usually someone with lots of freckles. He is usually super talented at almost everything that he does. He is smart and smooth, but certainly not cocky or over confident. His smile makes you melt, and it comes from the heart. Is really creative in almost every aspect and has a sincere passion for the things he does, as well as the people around him. He loves taking care of those around him and would do anything to help a friend. Even though a Tim is super sweet and laid back, he is not someone to be taken lightly or messed with. He will defend his loved ones with his life.
If you fall in love with a Timothy, don't ever let him go.
AdoringGF tarafından 7 Temmuz 2011, Perşembe
the best guy ever, he is so sweet, head strong, doesn't take shit from anybody, best lover ever. If you are ever lucky enough to get a timothy in your life keep him close because

he da shit!!! he super hot omg ... not small down south ;) and not weak ... at all. love him forever i know i will <3 <3 <3
timothy= for sure badass :p

The best ever
Is the shit
Outstandingly amazing
The greatest thing in your life
He loves his girlfriend
You keep him forever
tebonz tarafından 7 Ocak 2012, Cumartesi
Is the name of someone you love. someone who cares. someone whos loyal. someone whos the best thing that could ever happen to you...
OMG i love timothy!
Timothyswife tarafından 26 Eylül 2012, Çarşamba
A guy who is simply miss understood.
Likes friends, and if you treat him like shit, He will still try to befriend you but when you cross the line, you will regret it.

Doesn't take shit from people after about 3 attemps to become there friend. Once he is your friend, he is always your friend.

Often has an international herritage, but his surname doesnt match. Hates racism. Loves listening and playing music (mainly guitar and drums). Always has a crush on a pretty girl, and becomes her friend but most of the time doesnt ask her our. When he does get a girlfriend he is genuine.
Timothy is A nice guy.
WogDude tarafından 28 Haziran 2011, Salı
a good and faithful person who has been through alot of heartache, and cant take any more of it, so if a Timothy likes you, and you like him, it would mean the world to him if you reached out to him. hes NOT ugly at all, hes pretty smart, and will show you the beautiful side of the world if you let him.
He doesn't take shit from anyone, and has had enough of yours. Dont ever turn a Timothy away, because you will NEVER get one again. If he texts you, reply. Not replying is the worst thing you can do, and if he calls you, ANSWER, he may need you. most of the time, girls dont know just how much they are hurting him. Dont ever turn your back on a Tim, because you have no idea how many times that has happened to him before. He's WAY out of your league, but he likes you and thats all that matters to him. If you have hurt a Tims feelings in the past 4 months, contact him right away and let him know that you are sorry, because hes had enough. Give him a chance and he will change your world, turn your back on him and he will stop trying, because he will not make a fool of himself.
this is the sixth time some girl has broken Timothy's heart, i don't think he can take much more, i mean hes only 17...
that one kid nobody knows tarafından 8 Ekim 2012, Pazartesi
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