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The debris collected in the corners of the great toe's nail. encapsulated between the nail and skin, this navy blue, pasty, and often damp bi-product smells rediculously pungent.
"Perhaps I'll put some toe cheese on a Ritz. Everything tastes better on a Ritz."
Fight The Rain tarafından 7 Mart 2004, Pazar
154 49
The soft stinky stuff that gathers between your toes. Only takes one day of not bathing to accumulate.
Pat Schulz tarafından 4 Kasım 2003, Salı
71 32
The smelly crud that gathers around your toes.
Minges and all! tarafından 15 Nisan 2003, Salı
60 41
A "delicious" snack enjoyed by King of the Freetards and neckbeard with severe hygiene issues, Richard Stallman.
"Man, did you see that video of RMS eating his toe cheese?"
"It's GNU/Free!"
Anon655 tarafından 15 Eylül 2011, Perşembe
24 21
toe cheese(correct pronunskiation-tow cheez). Toe cheez occurs when wearing socks of a different color than your skin color, it gathers between your toes and under toe nails. Is usually made up of sock lint.
For example white feet black socks leaves black lint in between toes and under toe nails.
Mick tarafından 12 Şubat 2004, Perşembe
25 67