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alternative or ghetto form of "taken"
Dogg I got in a fight and got my shoes, coat, and hat tooken.
Nick D tarafından 15 Şubat 2003, Cumartesi
1. Ghetto form of taken.
2. Said usually by 10 year old noobs whom seem to enjoy butchering the English language when they luck out and overcome a pro.
3. Grammatically incorrect pronunciation of taken of which was mistakenly said by a classmate of mine in the sixth grade when reffering to the fact that we'd taken an English test.
a) Dawg! I just tooken ya to the rim.
b) OWnZEd!!1! i ToOkENeD uRE BAsE!11!! alL Ur BaZE AreZd b3L0nG tEh m3!!!!11!!!one!
c) I've tooken an English test.
none4any1 tarafından 2 Ocak 2007, Salı
Used in place of the term "taken"
"They be all tooken"
cocacola888 tarafından 29 Mart 2008, Cumartesi
A combination of the words took and taken. Generally used in conversations when struggling with chit chat
I thought this store was tooken over by the competition
Markgardn tarafından 11 Nisan 2015, Cumartesi
Cyber slang regarding the ownage a well co-ordinated and elite strike team in a multiplayer game.
Wow, those players got tooken!!

Those guys were owned and tooken by SRT!
SRT_Shadow tarafından 12 Mayıs 2006, Cuma
past tense of take
He was in the truck when it was tooken.
Joy Schmoe tarafından 6 Aralık 2010, Pazartesi
being "taken" as in "not single"
JR: ay mami can i get ya numba
Me:sorry tooken
Sexy badd bitch tarafından 28 Temmuz 2005, Perşembe

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