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Commonly know as a douche bag. Synonyms: Ivy, Tortuga. If you read this entry, chances are you are either a: a turtle, or b: an ivy.
Ivy is such a turtle. She is douchie.
i hate turtles tarafından 13 Aralık 2010, Pazartesi
Noun- walking soup mix
dude that turtle was delicious
A Stillisano tarafından 20 Ekim 2009, Salı
When a person is so drunk, they fall over and try to get up, but just rock back and forth on their back. Thus creating "the turtle"
Yo check out that chick turtleing... Should we help her? nah
Count of Monte Cristi tarafından 6 Eylül 2009, Pazar
(n) really funny person who acts slow like a turtle in class

Tom: Wow turtle says the dumbest things, but they are so funny.
Chris Wold tarafından 24 Nisan 2008, Perşembe
when you think you're just going to fart, but the end of a turd pops its little head out as well, then goes back in.
"Oh scuse me, I farted. Eww, that was a close one!"
- "What , did you shit yourself finally?"
"No but I think I had a turtle."
Dervla Ann tarafından 18 Temmuz 2003, Cuma
A boy who likes to make fun of people then hide before the people can respond.
calling an innocent girl a pinstripe then not telling her what it means and getting mad when she calss him turtle
diljessika. tarafından 6 Mart 2010, Cumartesi
A man wise beyond his years. Party animal and smooth operator. Wingman used to bring in that Schiesse (women, sex). Individualistic and righteous.
"I heard this guy up on Taylor Street was throwin a sick party with rediculous women..."
"Yea, that's Turtle"
GioMoose tarafından 1 Nisan 2009, Çarşamba