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One who insists that their diet is more ethical, despite the fact that millions of animals are killed every year in the adding of insecticide to and harvesting of their food.
Will someone shut this vegan up?
Arachnidoc tarafından 29 Haziran 2005, Çarşamba
152 186
hippies, with enough free time to read the label on everything they eat.
vegan= "is there eggs in bread...?"
kccc =] tarafından 7 Ağustos 2007, Salı
56 91
Slang for something/someone that is really foolish, or really amazing. A Swank, or Third Level.
Stop messing around, your such a Vegan!

That movie was Vegan awsome!

Go-man tarafından 25 Mayıs 2006, Perşembe
105 140
Someone who refuses to either eat or wear anything derived from an animal. Not necessarily any less healthy than your typical omnivore—contrary to popular belief, you can get protein from some plants—but not necessarily any more so.

Also not inherently self-righteous...but altogether too many of them are.
"You can preach veganism at me all you want...but I'm not giving up chicken strips, silk shirts, or leather boots. Get over it."
Qit tarafından 21 Ocak 2004, Çarşamba
92 127
A person that does not consume, use, or wear any animal by products for many reasons including:
~humans are the only animal that continue to drink milk after weaned of their mother's
~growth hormones that are injected into cows and chickens are then consumed by humans
~they just don't like milk or meat
~they have allergies
~the idea of eating the result of a chickens period is not pleasant
~those appetizing limp greasy Whoppers don't appeal to them

And more. People, who feel guilty for eating meat but are too weak to give it up, often refer to them as Nazi's. However, most vegans don't think down upon people that eat meat.
Omnivore: Do you like chocolate?
Herbivore: No, I'm vegan.
Omnivore: Oh, so you think I am a meat eating pig who enjoys animal cruelty, just a jerk who desrves to die because I won't chain myself to a tree to save a forest?
Herbivore: That is just a common misconception. I don't think that way about anyone except for bush. Let's go to the movies.
Omnivore: Sounds good!
epitome of innocence tarafından 23 Kasım 2006, Perşembe
50 86
Person who doesn't eat anything that a vegetarian won't, and also doesn't drink animals' breast milk or eat the result of chickens' periods. They don't use any animal products at all, including leather, fur and musk.
Vegans and vegetarians are the best.
Crazy-sheep-girl tarafından 27 Temmuz 2006, Perşembe
87 123
all vegans are freaks, they make us eat salad and shit like that just so they can keep a few animals, most people like to wave steak under their noses to keep them away
person1: ha another vegan wot a freak
person2: ye lets go wave a steak under their noses!!!
DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) tarafından 19 Haziran 2009, Cuma
25 63