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A racist term used to describe the Vietnamese
Person 1:"Yo you chink!"
Person 2:"I'm not a chink im a vink!"
Jonni tarafından 3 Aralık 2004, Cuma
used as a racist comment to vietnamese/chinese ppl
im a vink cos im 3 quarters viet and 1 quarter chink
vink and proud tarafından 6 Mart 2005, Pazar
the sound of a former child star or other washed up actor slitting their rists in an effort to escape from the horrors of the earthly world.
Dana Plato was all messed up on loods and codine living in a skanky hotel and the press just wouldn't leave her alone so VINK! that was it, killed herself right up.
Scott F. Bishop tarafından 11 Aralık 2006, Pazartesi