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Shortest form of what's up? Origins of word come from the streets of Brooklyn when a HS fight in 1994 between two thugs occured, one thug speaking out of rage said quickly whatta, the other responded w'up son w'up son!
W'up son? W'up w'up.
Ayche from tarafından 6 Aralık 2005, Salı
It stems from the words whats up. Another term that is very similar is sup. It is believed that this word was brought into existance by a typo.
wup homy. wup tonight.
Justin Taylor tarafından 7 Aralık 2004, Salı
1) the short form ghetto version of "what's up".
genuine gangsta person: "Wup, dawg?"
average wigger punk: "Sup, bitch?"
Mertens tarafından 20 Aralık 2003, Cumartesi
Simply another shortened version of Whats up.
Wup with you Johhny? You look a little sick.
Alex Rosentreter tarafından 16 Ekim 2007, Salı
wash ur pussy
damnn you needa wup!!
ashany tarafından 15 Ağustos 2008, Cuma
Short for whats up.
Wup ho dawg, we doin nethin tonite.
Selvaraj23 tarafından 23 Eylül 2007, Pazar
Wup is Wuppy for short. An exclusive nickname only to be used for close family members, friends, pets, or people of important significance. Only a select few humans are even allowed to call people this sacred word. Anyone else shall be shunned.
That wup called me up wanting to hang out, I was happy.
Rockythewuppy tarafından 12 Aralık 2012, Çarşamba
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