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a person (usually a boy/man)who has some attractive qualities but is essentially not a good person because he/she behaves in a selfish, unthinking way, particularly in relationships with the opposite sex. Often this person will be a player.
Bryan McFadden (formerly of Westlife)
Emily tarafından 13 Aralık 2004, Pazartesi

We made up the word wab in Scotland, I can guarantee it. The real definition goes something like this:

Wab (1): n A person who acheives intellectual victory over another, usually by a technicallity, often with a large degree of smugness.
Wab (2): vb To acheive intellectual victory over someone, usually by a technicality or illogical argument, often with a large degree of smugness
The word is disgustingly versatile:

In it's original form:
You are a wab.

Other forms:
You have been wabbed!
Absolute wabber.
You've been wabbish today.
Such a wabbable guy.
Drew Thomson tarafından 25 Ağustos 2004, Çarşamba
A low-income hispanic, with no adaptation of the main-stream American culture and limited english language vocabulary and pronounciation.
Same definition as "chuntaro." Most commonly used in Orange County, CA. Probably originated their.
4th street in Santa Ana is full of wabs.
My cousin is such a wab.
Damn, you look like a wab right now.
Jess tarafından 3 Nisan 2004, Cumartesi
A womans breasts.
"Did you see that birds wabs! they were massive"
ChutneyFerret tarafından 20 Haziran 2003, Cuma
a northern Ireland slang term used for Cock
look at that guys WAB
Nially tarafından 15 Şubat 2007, Perşembe
Stands for what a bitch.
If it is early in the morning and one person thinks it would be funny if they were really loud and annoying when everyone else around them is tired.
Camalach tarafından 24 Mayıs 2009, Pazar
Whiny Ass Bitch. Someone is a chronic complainer.
Stop being a W A B and get to work.
skilletw tarafından 27 Aralık 2007, Perşembe
stands for what a bitch. can be used for a man or a woman.
'eww mrs jones just gave me a 2,000 word essay! WAB!'
mancmrsefron tarafından 30 Kasım 2011, Çarşamba