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.. need i say more?
Anonymous tarafından 22 Ağustos 2003, Cuma
Being Intimate aka Fucking.
"If we were making woopie...."
"Whats woopie?"
"Ya know...like being intimate"
"Oh like fucking?!"
bad2891 tarafından 4 Ekim 2008, Cumartesi
a fun and safe way of referring to sex.
boy: wanna go make some woo pie?
girl: oh baby, YES!
Dah-rooh tarafından 7 Haziran 2006, Çarşamba
something you say as a filler word or when you want to say "oops" instead.
I just stepped on dog shit. Woopie.

Woopie woopie woopie woopie.
DD and BB Inc tarafından 10 Nisan 2010, Cumartesi
when in a relationship you are a slave or a mandilon o the women or men your with
Martin was woopie for about 2months with ashley
iliketurtes tarafından 26 Kasım 2010, Cuma