X-Box 360 is the highest anticipated platform of the decade. It will also outsell all other platforms of the decade. The Core edition will also be available for the poor kids. There is an expected 26 titles being released by the end of this year alone, featuring the next Perfect Dark game amongst other sure to be instant classics. Oh,and the Killzone 2 trailer ISNT even gameplay...
Thats right...isnt even gameplay. the x-box 360 is going to be the best ever dude!
its so damn hot..milk was a bad choice tarafından 7 Ekim 2005, Cuma
biggest piece of shit ever manufactured in the history of gamming consoles. It looks like shit, smells like shit, and even tastes like shit. Sony's PS3 will pwn it, no questions asked. Not because its manufactured by Microsoft, but because its just shit.
the xbox 360 might just be good enough to wipe my ass with.
Xbox 360 looks like a piece of shit tarafından 17 Mart 2006, Cuma
Microsofts New Console. see sexy
This is a silver box of wonders
rory tarafından 14 Mayıs 2005, Cumartesi
The Xbox 360 is so fucking lame.
ps3 is so much better and has more things on
it then the xbox does. so in your face.

Tony: Dued wtf im going to get a ps3
Larry: Dued xbox360 is so much better
::Drop kicks Larry in the face::
Sarrahh tarafından 27 Nisan 2008, Pazar
1)The next version of Xbox with slightly upgraded visuals and wireless controllers (see xbox 1.5). It was named 360 in order outdo Sony's PS3 (also known as PS2.5).
2)A giant mettalic tampon (that plays video games too!)
1) Person 1: OMG Check out teh graphics on my Xbox 360
Person 2: Wow... That looks like it can be an Xbox game.
Person 1: OMG WTF!! *slaps person 2*
2) Person 1: Sweet, check out my tampon... it plays videogames !!
Person 2: Wow...
KaizerOumft tarafından 22 Mayıs 2005, Pazar
Slang for tampon. The reason is because it LOOKS like it, its possibly aimed at female gamers in their peroids.
Now includes wireless peroids support
A next generation gaming console that will just rape sony and nintendo right up the ass because its made by microsoft. its features are those that cannot be beat by the gay little ps3 thingy (which by the way sucks the biggest assed donkey balls ever)and we all know the next halo alone will make more money than the ps3 because again the ps3 sucks huge donkey balls
bill-check out my X-BOX 360
ted-sweet i going to get one and sell my ps3 to some dusche bag on the internet that thinks the X-BOX 360 looks like a tampon and is really fuckin gay
Bill-good idea we could sooooooooooo live without fags like that
Michael Cr. tarafından 1 Haziran 2005, Çarşamba

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