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History of Economic Thought
A lesson for undergraduate economics classes. Economists those died hundreds of years ago can still fuck your mind because of this lesson. Some of them claim that value can only be determined by demand and others begin to blend them by being foolish, because, according to them value can only be determined by supply or something fucking else.

I used to think that Karl Marx is a merit figure in history because he tried to solve the poverty problem but now i think he's fucking crazy. You will see his name in everywhere if you are am economics student. In Sociology, in macroeconomics, in microeconomics, in comparative world economy, in politics...
In 2nd the January which is follower of the 2015's first day, i have a final term for History of Economic Thought.
by ch32 on Dec 31, 2014

tags: History, economic, thought, smith, marshall, marx, malthus.

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