1. Should this definition be published? (Please read this draft carefully.)
This word used for excitement and happiness but it is not about the "orgasmic splatter". It should be removed or edited by deleting "orgasmic splatter" words. Thanks for your help.
Puick is the spelling of the sound of a splatter... often an orgasmic splatter. The word is used to describe excitement, or extreme happiness (whether your own or another's).
Shaniqua: So is it ok if I stay over at your place tonight?
Mike: PUICK!

Jebadiah: We're definitely going to pick up a cake after we eat.
Danny: With Bavarian creme?
Jebadiah: Most def!
Danny: PUICK!
by D Spozz on Jul 19, 2008

tags: orgasm, excitement, happiness, explosion, awesome

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